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ROBOTER (Drum Carrier)
•Smooth operation with the hydraulic foot pedal mechanism.
•You do not need to touch drums containing hazardous materials.
RC-01 Standard Model
RC-02 Pallet Handling Model
RX-5 Righting and Conveying ModelRX-KConveyance of Polyethylene Drums
-The antlers can grip drums with a rim neck diameter from 470 to 570 mm.

Drum Dumper
DM-1100-S (Standard Model)
A mechanism that smoothly lifts, turns and lowers drums.
Hazardous materials can be handled even more securely.
DMD-1100-S (With Built-in Scale)
This "moveable scale" can be moved to any location and the contents of a drum
-can be measured while being poured.
DM-H (Drum Dumper for hoisting)
•Even the drum laid down can be gripped.
•It became easy to move, because it had been equipped with wheels.

CAM-AUTO (Drum Carrier for Forklifts)
Fixed type
A special pad is used at the support section for the lower part of the drum,
to help prevent the drum being scratched or dented.
Swing type
The chuck section swings (left and right approx. 50°), to allow positioning for easier grasping.
When a drum is grasped and lifted, the swing pivot is automatically held in the center position.

MAWARU (Pallet Turn)
•When the pallet turns it's so easy!

LULUMAN Luluman can be used slightly differentry from Pallet Turn
•Handles eccentric loads
•Handles heavy loads
•High rotation accurancy …Axial center defection 1.5mm max.. surface defection 2.0mm max.
•Easy to incorporate into existing equipment …Both the upper and lower frames can be drilled and tapped.