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 Much Quieter, and Much Easier for Operation and Application.
 So Most Advanced Generator.
 AIRMAN SDG Series Engine Generators.

High Generating Performance and Better Generating Performance.
SDG series generators are mounted by such brushless alternator with transient reactance much reduced, and negative phase yield strength more increased and deflection of output wave form minimized due to reinforced damper coil.
Therefore, they are suitably applicable for inverter load, thyrister load, computer control load, lighting load, precision instruments and instrumental devices.

Dual Voltage Models 
By changing over the short connecting plate in the control panel,
the three phase output voltage can be switched to 200/220V from 400(380)/440V and vice versa.
When starting engine, the indication lamp at the operation panel goes on to display the operating voltage immediately.

Maintenance with Great Ease
Daily inspection such as engine oil and coolant level can be done by opening the right side door.
For SDG45 & 60, one battery of two mounted batteries has been eliminated,
thus dedicated to reducing industrial waste and maintenance cost