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Taking Over 120 Years Tradition And Leading To Brilliant,
Golden Future Premium Gold Motor (PGM) now available

High efficiency technology of TOSHIBA Mo tor for over 120-year-old brings more value to industrial products and terrestrial environment.
Through providing a high-quality Japanese product to all customer's dimension of the world quickly and correctly.
we contribute to the social development which is economical aiming at mutual prosperity andabundant mentally.

In 1978, 83 years after Toshiba introduced the first domestic induction motor in 1895, we introduced a pioneering high Efficiency motor, “Gold Motor.” Since then, we have continued to comply many high efficiency motor regulations.
Now, we have introduced a new era, premium efficiency motor, “Premium Gold Motor (PGM)” complied with the Top runner scheme.

- 1982 : JEM (Japan Electrical Manufacturers) -TR137 “Totally Enclosed Energy Saving Motors”was enacted.
- 1997 : Energy Policy Act took effect in the US.
- Jul. 2000 : JIS C 4212 “High efficiency Low Voltage Three Phase Induction Motor” was enacted.
- Dec. 2010 : Energy Independ ence and Security Act (EISA) took effect.
- Jun. 2011 : EU Regulations (No. 640/2009) took effect.
- Sept. 2012 : China Energy Efficiency Goal Code of Pract ice (GB3 class) was revised.
- Oct. 2013 : A part of “Energy Saving Act” was revised in Japan.
- Non. 2013 : “Manufacturers Criteria Regarding Improvement of AC Motors” was enacted by thenotice of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
- Apr. 2015 : Top Runner scheme starts.

4 ratings (200V-50Hz, 200/220/230V-60Hz) are available as standard; 3 ratings for Japan (200V-50Hz, 200/220V-60Hz), 230V-60Hz for US. 230V-60Hz for US complies with Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) and is certified by Conformity Certification No. (CC No.).
*Not satisfy UL standard.

PGM has the same frame size as our standard efficiency motors. It is easy to replace existing standard motor with PGM. The total length of PGM is almost the same as that of the standard efficiency motors.
In addition to energy saving effect at a low speed with VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE, PGM itself further improves energy saving effect. Allowable torque is improved compared to our standard efficiency motors by loss reduction.

*Allowable torque for 4-Pole or 6-Pole motors: 100% of constant torque operation in 1:10 (6~60Hz): in case of Vector control, 100% of constant torque operation in 1:20 (3~60Hz).
Low noise levels with appropriate cooling performance are achieved pursuing appropriate shapes of fans and fan covers by using fluid dynamics. Even 2-Pole - 60Hz motors satisfy low noise level of less than 80 dB (A).


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