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About us

自 他 一 体

  • Our corporate philosophy is “Ji Ta Ittai” which means that we recognize all the happiness and agony of others as ours. Our ultimate goal is to contribute for social development by cooperating with our stakeholders. Therefore, one of our objective is to provide required information and products for all over the world.

  • Make customers, client, partners, suppliers happy.
    Make employees and their family happy.
    Revitalize local community and make them happy.

  • Feb 2016
    Marketing of Japanese products for overseas started.
    Sep 2008
    Sales contract of FUJITSU PERSONAL SYSTEM LIMITED started.
    Jan 2008
    Distribution agreement of Mouse Computer Co., Ltd signed.
    Oct 2005
    Distribution agreement of Project White Co., Ltd signed.
    Sep 2005
    Franchise agreement with Doing Co., Ltd signed.
    Oct 1996
    Lesson for using PC started.
    Sep 1992
    Miura Co., Ltd established.
    May 1992
    Sales of PC, software and its peripherals started.
    May 1989
    Company moved to the address which is current.
    Apr 1979
    Start selling piping materials and its related products.
    Apr 1978
    Distributorship agreement with Toshiba Corporation signed.
    Apr 1978
    Miura & Co (Form enterprise of Miura Co., Ltd) established. Start selling machine tools, electric tools, bolt and nut.

Message from CEO

Yoshiharu Miura


Since April 1978, we have being supported by customer and cooperating with them as a wholesaler/retailer in Japan. During those period, we have gained knowledge from the business and experienced numbers of its activities. Thanks to all of our customers and partners that we have a good business relationship today. Based on our motto and experience, we would like to keep getting better with all the people in the world for our future.

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